Friday, November 11, 2011

spermicidal tendencies

so.... long story short. kirsty was tattooing Rufe a few weeks back. maybe it was months... anyways, it was a while ago. He was talking about someone getting a sleeve ... or back piece (my memory fails me... much like a lot in my life).... of "japanese sea men" now see.... i heard "japanese semen" .... so this is how the story started.

once upon a time, there was a girl with bad memory, bad hearing, and a bad mind.

so i drew a japanese semen. and today, at work, me n kirsty had some free time, so she tattooed a japanese semen on me and i drew up an english semen for her.

here's me doing the deed on kirsty....

and here's her english semen.

kirsty doing the deed on me (apologies for the socks, at no point this morning whilst getting dressed did i ever... in my wildest dream.... expect my sock to be a subject of a photograph. )

and there's my newest addition. cheers kirsty.

in other news, i saw this lil' guy about a month ago, and just noticed the photo on my phone while pulling off todays cum shots. 

poor little guy. 

til next time.... the end.

also, just spotted this on lords blog. sweet photos. try n spot me. i'm super hard to spot, eh?

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