Thursday, December 1, 2011

where in the world?

So i found a section of the map of the world on the tube yesterday. Who in the hell rips up a map and leaves a section? Now i feel like i'm part of some sort of mission.... i just don't know what it is. Or where this is....

Anyways, can't go on blogging about a mission when i don't know what my mission is now.... can i?!

So, here's a tattoo i did today... thought i may as well post something. Seems all i've been doing recently is script, script and more script. Oh, and a few stars here and there.... so this was a nice change.

Right, so with work and random finds all blogged, i guess all we're left with is what i've been up to recently (aside from photographing old men of course).

Well, i've frantically been trying to get a piece of artwork started, and finished as quickly as possible, as i totally forgot about the Haunted Christmas Noir exhibition, which i had agreed to do a piece to exhibit in... oops. 

anyways, it's almost done, maybe i'll finish it tonight at home.... but til then.... here's a sneak peek. I'm also thinking about getting it printed up and selling cards of it for Christmas.... so eyes peeled. watch this space....

almost done with the colour, still got the background and relining to go.... but only a few hours left at the most. 

So this weekend Miss Hana was meant to be staying at mine for our £5 budget weekend, but she was taken ill, and didn't make it... so I pretty much hibernated. It was insanely sunny on Sunday.... So i opened the patio doors, and i think Milo got a bit excited, thinking winter was officially over. Little does he know....

i think this photo of my front room proves how damn sunny it was out. Milo did a lot of basking....

Bless him.
it's actually his birthday today, so can't wait to go home and spend some quality time with the pooch.

So a little later i went out for a skate. I actually waited til dusk coz it was so bloody hot out!

Also took Milo to the park... tried a new park this time, which was really nice and quiet. The one closest to my house has a bowling green and a kids playground, so it can be pretty mental on Sundays.

I also cooked up a mean roast dinner. Was pretty impressed with myself going through all that effort just for myself, but i milked it for all it's worth and had amazing sandwich's for days to follow with the leftovers.

Monday night i went to an art history talk in a pub about taxidermy and colonialism.
found a seat up on an empty balcony.... and felt a little like these guys....

after the talk i went to Gary's cheese n pickle night, and shot some deer with Kerry and Andy who is a guest artist from Norway...

Andy turned out to be quite a sharp shooter..... although he shot everything and anything, and therefore didn't do so well in the game...
me: "oh! you're done! you shot a doe!"
andy: "i shot a what?"
me: "a doe, a female... you can't shoot does"
andy "WHY NOT!?!"


So on Tuesday, me and Anna went to the Winter Wonderland.
Was gutted she came out the tube a little late, coz i saw the most amazing old man walking down the road with two MASSIVE blue parrots on his shoulders! God, i was in such shock i didn't even get a photo. Devastating.

Anyways, the wonderland was pretty rad!

Took a bunch of tacky photos. If i was one of those people that a) sent christmas cards, and b) made personalised photo montage cards to show everyone you know how 'happy' you are... i would have been like a pig in shit.
i'm not one of those people. 

So we headed straight for some good ol' mulled wine while we mulled over what to do. (see what i did there) oh yeah. 

There were loads of rides, and gift stalls, and food establishments, and.... stuff. lots of stuff. Luckily, as it was early afternoon on a weekday, it wasn't too busy, and we didn't have to queue for anything. Anna aint a huge fan of rides, so we started off gently with the big wheel.

Coz it was empty, we got out own booth, which was cool. They even had the radio playing so we ended up dancing around to christmas tunes like a couple of spastics. good times. 

My phone totally spazzed out at the top, and had no idea where in the country i was. i have photos saved as 'carlisle' and 'mendip'. both places i have never been. 

It was extremely windy, and once we got to the top, it stopped for a fair few minutes while (i can only assume) they were letting more people on the ride... Our carriage started swinging like a frantic monkey.... and needless to say, we both thought we may very well meet our fateful demise that Tuesday afternoon. 

obviously... we didn't.

So after what can only be described as a painfully unnecessary amount of rotations, we got off the bloody wheel. was good to have our feet planted firmly on the temporary ground they had laid down for the event.

There were loads of people with dogs there, and part of me wished i had brought Milo.... then i saw all these birds and remembered the last time he came into close proximity with a lake and birds he almost got devoured by a foul tempered goose. 

So the only other ride Anna agreed to get on was the teacups. They looked pretty safe... and slow. However, seeing as we were the only people on the ride, the attendant and his buddy came and stood over us the entire ride, manually spinning our teacup til the g force was at a point where i couldn't even muster the strength to lift my head away from the back of the seat. it was... truly..... insane.

so we decided we'd had enough of the stalls selling their weird tat which i find unfathomable as to why anyone could ever possibly want, let alone NEED. seriously... there was a guy selling wooden ties. WOODEN TIES!
has the world gone MAD?!

So we ate.


that night i went to go see Pinback play. if you don't know Pinback, you truly don't know what u r missing out on. On the same note.... if you don't know what you are missing out on, i suppose it doesn't matter. 
i guess it's only an issue when you DO in fact know what u r missing out on.

so here's a video....

and here's a pic of the gig...

Last night i went to go see Defeater, which was also incredible. I love Defeater... and the last time i saw them play was the first opportunity i'd had to see them live, and i was blown away. This show they were not headlining (unfortunately) so their set was way shorter. Still very enjoyable though.

Here's one of my favourite tracks of theirs...

and their acoustic stuff is rad too.... 

til next time, here's a pic of me from zombie booth (Ely just got the app on her phone).

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