Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Done deal

So! Yesterday i went for my final ... (what's that? oh yeah, u read right.... FINAL) session on my back....

We didn't have too much to do, some grey background and colour in the peacock feathers across the top. 
Here's the finished piece....

so worth it. Now I'm thinking about the rest of my torso though.... which is a very scary thought. God, i remember how much i suffered getting my stomach done the first time.... so getting full front is gonna suck immensely... i'm sure of that.

Anyways, a massive thanks to Jay Parker, who did the piece. He also taught me how to tattoo... so needless to say, i owe him a lot. 

Here he is, in case u were wondering. 
(he really aint too keen on being photographed)

Yup that's him. Note what an awesome t shirt he's wearing....

I'll be doing some cool pieces on him in the New Year which I'm looking forward to. 

So we went for a few well deserved drinks afterwards in an adorable little pub in Maidstone. Met an old man called Trev who had an endearing habit of repeating the last word of everybody's sentences and chuckling to himself... I'm not sure everybody else could hear him, but he was sat next to me so it was constant entertainment.
It aint everyday u hear an old fella go "hehe Minge.... hehe"

Once i got home (it's a fair old way to travel, and it always takes it outta me & by the time i set foot through my front door i'm knackered.... so) i laid on the sofa with the pooch and watched a movie. Milo was being extra adorable....

gotta love that lil' guy.

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