Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Noir

So sorry in the delay of posting the pics.... i have all of a sudden been very busy at work. Anyways, i now have some free time so.... without further ado.... Here are the pics from the Haunted Christmas Noir exhibition on Friday.

(click images to go large)

was a good turn out by all accounts. Really nice mixture of artwork on display too, so something for everyone i'm sure.

So after some nibbles, some wine and some general chit chat with old friends and new, me and Al decided to do some head squeeze shots. (See, i photograph everything, and have retarded ideas, and Al is an amazing photographer, so between the 2 of us, we are a mean machine i tell ya!)

Much to my surprise, Shiraz had never seen the head squeeze thing. EVER. I didn't even realise that was possible. so more head squeezing commenced, as she had in insatiable thirst to suddenly catch up on a life time of missed out squeezed heads. bless.

the quality of head squeeze shots quickly deteriorated though...

Ah well. Nothing lasts forever... even in a zombie infested studio. Guess that's just life. Or death... or "undeath" or.... oh now this is getting deep.
back to the point at hand...
So then we moved on to posing with the decapitated model of Jo which was a little awesome to say the 

i noticed when pulling all the images off my camera, (namely the ones that Al took. Well, ALL of the ones that Al took....) i have 3 or 4 of almost the same image. i could probably make a flip book of the evening that would play out pretty concisely. I won't. I did make a little 'photo booth version of the pic(s) i got with Andy though...

I also made Andy a Birthday card coz it was his birthday the day before the party.

So after the party.... there was (you guessed it) the "after party". 

By this point we had all had a fair bit to drink. i was dancing with a man who looked like he was made of rubber for a while which was... educational.

i also discovered what i would look like with a goatee....

was a really good night. 

til i missed 2 buses.

that was shitty.



Al Overdrive is part alien... i got video proof!

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