Friday, December 23, 2011

Nothin much

So i don't have much to blog about, but seeing as i don't have a computer at home, this may be the last post of the YEAR.... so.... i figured i may as well post some old toss just for blog's sake.

So firstly, i hope all o' y'all have a spiffy Christmas, huddled around fire places, drink in' ale, maybe a nice walk after you stuff your faces. all the usual niceties really.

too cute eh? found at

I also hope you all have a great new year. well, a great new years eve at least. 

so, yesterday i got a surprise phone call from none other than Mr Jay Parker who was up in London for the day, so shot down to Central and went to The Crown for some proper bitter and cider. Had a little catch up, and he informed me of the convict sat with him who had just been released from prison for being a drug mule and had her sentence shortened from 4 or 5 years to only 2 and a half. 
She must been pleased to be home for the holidays.

So after Jay toddled off back to Kent, i rang a few mates to see who was where. Went to the The Richard Steele for a few bevies, where i noticed they had bats hanging from the ceiling, and i thought to myself "Layla would love this!"

The ladies toilet had an amazing painting of the Queen Mother... looking like a zombie. (told you it was amazing. the likeness was UNCANNY)

So, we didn't stay long as a group of obnoxious men kept barging into me, and not apologising, leaving their only friend with manners apologising on their behalf... which was a little awkward.

Rory really loved his pint glass, and kept reminding me to remind him to take it when we left. He went to the toilet, i shoved it in my bag, and when he returned i did my best 
"OH shit, i totally forgot u wanted that glass. The barman just collected it :("
He's my next customer, and he'll be very pleased when he sees it. hehe

So anyways, we left the Steele, and i got some chinese takeaway. I also got everyone fortune cookies...

"your mind is in a restless state which only travel will satisfy"

"your confusion of the past will disappear in a day or two."

"your talent will be acknowledged"

hmmm, we'll see.

anyways, found a lonesome christmas tree with a bench next to it, so sat down and we ate. 

then the tree tried to eat me....

true story.

so we walked past a few bars, and stole this poster (purely because our mate Julian works on the Tube)

so we ended up in the Monarch where they have a delightful array of taxidermy. festive taxidermy at the moment in fact!

and the most bizarre vending machines in the women's toilet....

AND big mirrors with ambient lighting that made us recreate Bohemian Rhapsody....


anyways, rory is now here, so i better get back to work. did this earlier which was quick yet fun. 

anyways, the quicker i get done with work, the quicker we can all tuck into my cupcakes, exchange gifts, and i can head down the the 12 bar for a bit of K*NT and THE GANG.


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