Thursday, December 15, 2011

tis the season

holy macaroni. i don't know where to start. well, 1st up, i will post the kickass christmas tree man/creature i encountered...

he was outside a pub me n Ely went to on Saturday night on the way to a tattoo studio opening party. I am not gonna post what events unfolded that night.... i wouldn't even know how to put it into words.... but just for my peace of mind... i will post some phrases to jog my memory if ever i am reading my blog on a trip down memory lane.

rubber people
massive phone
po po
beardy man
derren brown

ok, so now that's all done, back to the rest of the week. 

So every year the shop has a Christmas party, and it is fast approaching, so on Tuesday, i did all my Christmas shopping for everyone at work. I spent far too much money, but i'd rather give good gifts than absolute tat that nobody wants. Good thing Harry is away coz i probably would have broken the bank buying him stuff too.

I also purchased some stuff for myself, including more knitwear (don't ask... i can't resist)

it also came with a kickass postcard....

also got myself a mexican wrestling mask... so this is now what my tibetan masks look like in the bedroom.... so pimped!

and i got this absolutely stunning book...

So that's me done treating myself. this is the 1st christmas i'll be spending without a significant other for.... as long as i can remember to be honest. So yeah, those are my presents to myself. 

Oh, I'm also glad to announce that all but 1 of my custom Christmas cards have sold. I think I'll keep one anyways, nice to have records of stuff. Well obviously.... i blog. You know what i mean though. Maybe.

I also got a little glue gun crazy and made some festive hair clips. I have 2 left, they are selling at £3 each. So get in touch if u want them. They are in the studio, so swing by and grab them if you find ur self in the area, or desperately seeking a Christmas clip.

Doesn't Rooster look dapper? 

In other news, I posted an I am the avalanche song on Facebook the other day, only to find out they were playing London 2 days later! Madness. 

So I booked myself a ticket at work, and was good to go solo... then Kerry pretty much got stood up, so met her for drinks... and some random dude outside the gig had been stood up by his girlfriend, so 2 wrongs made a right for a change and Kerry got herself a ticket! amazing. 

Me n Kez were stood right near the door to backstage which is inconveniently halfway down the room, and people kept shoving past us before the band came on stage.... 

And 5 dudes started pushing past, and i could tell Kez was having none of it... til this happened....

Me : they're allowed past. they are the band.
then i poked Vinnie in the bum. i was in a weird groupie mood... what can i say?

He's such an awesome frontman. So polite and genuinely nice. He even had a stream to his Dad in New York for his song about him. too adorable. 
He also did a good ol' rant about feelings, and people you love, and not wasting a second... and i got a little choked up. 

The gig was awesome, and i had a super sweet chat with the guitarist after. Basically, Vinnie made a real point of hating when bands walk off stage only to come back on 2 seconds later for an encore... so he just said "this next song is the encore. don't be shy, if you know it... come on down"

so i did

and the guitarist got all up in my face and started screaming with excitement. It was odd. He'd spotted me near the back the whole show. I thought it was really sweet he noticed. bless. 
here's the song that got me  dancing. rare.

this is my all time favourite track of theirs, and i just found a sweet acoustic version.... enjoy.

I don't think i have any more gigs to go to pre new year... so i'm not sure what i'll be doing to pass the time. I won't be working between Christmas and New Year, yet i won't have much money to do anything with... so i might hibernate for a wee while. Shame i'm already halfway through An Idiot Abroad season 2. Maybe i'll start on the box set of The Inbetweeners i very kindly got given to me. I've just been staring at it next to my TV for the past few months as opposed to actually watching it. Time for a change of tactics perhaps....

Tomorrow is the Haunted Christmas Noir exhibition, so i should have some good photos to post from that, then Sat it's the shop party.... 

woop dee doo.

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