Wednesday, March 24, 2010

no pain no gain

So yesterdays tattoo kept me working til 4am, hence the lack of the blog. Anyways, i'm much less tired now, (it's 3am the next morning) so figured i'd blog the piece on Joe.

He tried to play it cool for the cameras......

but ended up showing his true colours. poor guy, really suffered, but sat through it all!

So here it is, Miss Anna Tomic and Miss Ally Wrong... get it? anna tomic ally wrong.....

Anyways, all's fair in love n war, and Joe'll be inflicting pain.... a lot of pain on me tomorrow.... hopefully have pics to post these next few days (although i doubt i'm gonna be sitting through a 1 it might just be linework.) i apologize in advance.

In other news, Ocean Park seems to change their closing times at their own whim, so we ended up on the peak tram, which is almost a roller coaster..... bot not quite....

We did have an awesome day, and lots of pics taken..... so some of that goodness soon too!

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