Sunday, March 21, 2010

taco joe ho ho and a bottle of rum...

so not got any tattoo pics to post. seems like all i've been doing recently is script, script and some guessed it! script.

so i'm afraid all i got are pics from us on the town....yup....more of the same i'm afraid!

i'll be tattooing joe this week and he'll be tattooing me, so will have some pics to post by the end of the week. I PROMISE! in fact, i've already drawn joe's piece, but i'm not really in a sharing y'all will have to wait!

what better way to start a night out than hanging out with Melvis?!

Jeff from Amazonia has gone and got himself a we had hours of fun playing that classic game of "dress the guy with the fro"

joe likes keytars..... a lot....

from here you can quite clearly see the downward spiral we rode til we couldn't be bothered to even take pics....

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