Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spank the monkey

So i finally got the pics from the tattoos i did @ Haunted in London during my guest spot. The pics Andy was s'posed to e mail to me..... months ago. Anyways, better late than never eh?!

Here's a better pic of Lee's hand.....

and here's the monkey i did on Andy's calf.....

It's been awesome having him here, and he was gonna stay 2 more weeks, but for valid reasons, can't.... :(

so been busy showing him the sights and working like a horse, so i do have pics to blog (yeah, i got a new camera too) but it's all gonna have to wait, coz for a change, i have had a life this past month. It's a sorry state of affairs when the only time i do blog, is when i don't really have much to blog about, and my blog dries up as soon as life is good and i'm busy. Makes sense though..... so next week i should be blogging like mad, coz everything will be back to normal, no guest artist, and boredom prevails...... so til then y'all!

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