Saturday, March 27, 2010

payback's a bitch

So i got a bloody no show, which means i have time to blog.

Figured i'd post my new god did i suffer. to be honest, after the lines i was ready to tap out, but i knew joe really wanted to finish i stuck with it. all in all it was about 6 and a half hours, but i did take about 6 smoke breaks, so tattoo time was a few less i'd imagine.

thank god for lollypops and madball.... thats all i can say!

close up of the head on my head....

when joe comes back, we might add some background and slime n stuff..... and i might add some background to his ladies.....

it's funny... i say "when he comes back" coz he was supposed to be on a flight this morning to singapore. well....that didnt happen. last night got a bit messy and he figured going all the way to the airport was.... well.... too much like hard work. so we got him for 2 extra days!

In other news, we did a little more work on Sams flamin' heart chestpiece, but no really worth blogging about, and i got to do this cut and paste Mike Giant skull. (he had an image of the top of the skull from a painting on a lady, so i used some other mike giant skulls to work the lower jaw into it). Came out pretty sweet (although it was so so so tempting to shade it.......) and it was fun doing super chunky lines. Might get to do another Giant piece on his other leg if all goes well.....

Ross is singing with Sushi Robot tonight at Grappa's.... so gonna head down there in a minute. Maybe see some of y'all there!

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