Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Carnival of Death

oooooh, just found out bout this..... super exciting..... looks rad.
"The Carnival of Death: Perceptions of Death in Europe and the Americas," 3-Day Conference and Exhibition, University College London, Feb 24-26
"The Carnival of Death: Perceptions of Death in Europe and the Americas"--a 3-day exhibition and conference at University College London--launches today! The exhibition features the artwork of Laurie Lipton--who's "Santa Muerte" is shown above, just in time for tonight's event of the same name --as well as that of Matt Rowe, Sarah Sparkes and many more. The conference spans such topics as Helen Frisby's "revelry and rivalry in the nineteenth century English folk funeral," Adriana Bontea's "The Merry Epitaph and the Art of Memory," and our old friend John Troyer's (familiar sounding?) "Morbid Ink: Field Notes on the Human Memorial Tattoo."

The exhibition is free and open to the public; Although the interdisciplinary conference is also listed as free and open, registration was supposed to have taken place by Friday February 11th, so not sure if one can still beg their way in or not but, from a glance at the program, thinking it might be worth a try.
Perceptions of Death in Europe and the Americas
Conference and Exhibition dates: 24-26 Feb 2011
Venue: Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London
Keynote speakers: Briony Campbell, Paul Preston, Laurie Lipton

1 complaint : who the hell puts on an exhibition for only 3 days and closes it at 6 at the latest? crazyness. I guess if i had a 9-5 this wouldn't be such a dilema, but now it looks like i gotta get up at stoopid o ' clock tomorrow to go see it. Better be good..... or else. Anyone else wanna come along tomorrow, send me a text. i'm gonna aim to be at Goodge st station at .... wait for it..... 9 in the morning *sob*

oh, in other news, it's my 5 year wedding anniversary. woop woop.

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