Monday, February 7, 2011


So some pretty sweet pictures of me working have surfaced from Brighton....

wish i could credit the photographers, but all i know is the 1st one was on this ladies facebook!

Again, thanks to everyone who dropped by the stall to get tattooed, bought a shirt or just say to say "hi"!

Tattooed my favorite banjo playing skinhead today (hey, just coz i only know one doesn't mean i can't have a favorite) who is in 2 pretty sweet bands.... Booze&Glory who'll be supporting the Business later this year in London, and Neck who i caught at one of the last gigs the Gaff had (*sniff*).

Here's what he got.... just in time for his next tour round Europe.

oof, swelling on elbows n knees always looks so sore!

Anyways, got tomorrow off and I'm on a weird pencil hunt.... it's a long story, but if i find the sacred pencil I'm looking for (which I'm not sure even exists), i will most definitely elaborate. promise.

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