Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pens n needles

ok, got to try and post this quick coz shop's closing in 10.....

So the exhibition last night was a lot of fun. Had a blast, met up with friends old and new and generally had an awesome night.

here's some pics of the artwork on show.... each image is titled to the artist except one *click to open and name'll be the last 2 words in the URL* coz i cant remember who did it. (sorry.... whoever u r)

i love the title of this one.... it's called "My Girlfriend was not my muse"

Anyways, next up is the one i forgot the artist... i only took the photo coz it's the best hair placement ever. true story.

so after browsing the artwork on show, it was drinking time, stupid photo time, and general shenanigans ensued.

Rach was a rebel, and wore heels even through there was a sign clearly stating how HEELS ARE A NO NO! (seriously, it was hilarious last night......)

me taking a photo of matt taking photo of people taking photos of photos..... again, you kinda had to be there......

Rach's face is a gem. She doesn't know Al (drink stealer)... funnier..... yesterday.

i dont even know what me and alan are trying to do to Al in this one..... or who took this photo for that matter......

Charissa was continuing a rad nautical/pirate sleeve. 

Anyways, pretty long day at work today, did this little guy/gal.... kinda fun. It's based on a painting by someone who i've forgotten. ( i know how useless i am being..... i promise)

Right that's it for now kids..... have a good weekend.

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