Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Weird blog coming up.... apologies.

First up, i received some .... err.... weird mail the other day.... behold:

next up... ross is convinced the eggs i bought recently are as freckly as me, and decided to do a super awesome mind blowing photo realistic portrait of me to prove it :

milo has perked up a lot, and isn't limping nearly as much as he has been all month:

made kirtsy the best vegan cupcakes to date:

so that's it for the random day to day stuff....

work wise, i haven't had much custom work this week so it's been slow on the tattoo photo front.

here's a piece i did on an underarm the other day...

and we started a big ol' cover up on kirsty's thigh....

(forgot a proper before pic, but we'll be covering all that black swirly wirly stuff and the skullerfly too...
this is as far as we got 1st session:

yup, so that's it for now. started a sketch yesterday but couldn't finish lining it at home coz the lighting is abysmal in my flat at night....
so i guess it's a good thing i had 2 customers coming in together who thought today was the 29th and therefor didn't make it..... seriously, how disjointed must your existence be if you think it's not only a date that doesn't even exist, and a day before aforementioned fake day?! crazy.

so hope to post the lined pic in a shake of a lambs tail..... check back people.

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