Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waste not want not

OK, photos from yesterday are spliced together and ready to go! Here it is....

Obviously click through to enlarge.

It's based on a turn of the century novel bout a guy who had well.... too much money and too much time by the sounds of it. So he decided to guild his pet tortoise in gold and then adorned it with jewels.... spangly tortoise ended up dying. Poor little bugger. Hope he looks sad enough!

Super fun piece, but also kinda challenging coz i wanted a definitive light source for the majority of the piece, but also wanted to pack in some yellow glows on stuff to give the epic *aaaaahhhhhhh* kinda feel of something super shiny and almost holy. The yellow wont show through too much til everything is healed but i think the purple and yellow will work nicely together, and the tortoise is a nice dusky cool tone so i'm hoping for some healed pics too. Fingers crossed.

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