Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amen is a 4 letter word

So the gig last night actually turned out pretty good. The support bands all made me want a full refund plus wasted time tax, but The Chariot most definitely didn't disappoint. They were awesome live, super tight and super mental (not metal.... mental) It was the bassist who goes spastic, not the guitarist as i mentioned in the last post.... and i gotta be honest, I'm amazed i didn't see a bunch of guys with split lips and broken noses. The men's bathroom apparently had basins filled with blood though, so maybe i missed some of the action.

Before the gig i went and killed some time in the pub above, and bumped into none other than Lee from OSC! That was a nice little coincidence. His friend had just been tattooed by Simon Erl, and got the best subject matter ever ... that's right.... a monkey!
So a little Morrissey gushing followed, some free stickers and brief chats about all the sweet merch we'll be sending each other soon. Good stuff!

cool stickers.....

So these next pics are for Lee.... to prove i wasn't lying....

The incription reads "To Bald, I hope this book is a source of great influence to you and that you learn from my mistakes , Myra"

I'm guessing "Bald" is Olive Baldwin, from the acknowledgements....


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