Friday, March 18, 2011

tattoos are like buses... you wait for ages then 3 come along at once.

So, been a while since i posted a tattoo i think ... well one that i made, not one that i got.....

so here's not one, not two.... but three! Aren't you lucky?

So, in chronological order... (not that it matter to you, but it does to me)

So first up is Dancin Mike/Fruitbag/Mike Only he has a lot of names, yes.

He's playing a gig tonight @ the railroad cafe on Morning Lane. Entry=3 clams, doors 7:30. be there.

So then Lil' Alan came and got this (i'm stoked i managed to talk someone into this, and he aint regretting it. So much so in fact that last night at his leaving party, a girls response to "check out my new tattoo" was "oh my god you're my hero!")
true story.

and finally, catching up to date.... just finished this on Justin from Hong Kong.....

yup. til next time y'all..... have a good weekend.

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