Thursday, February 10, 2011

faber fate

so.... remember me rambling on about a top secret super important pencil quest? well.... it went terribly. TERRIBLY! grrrrr..... anyways, i did promise i'd explain.... so here goes.

Basically, the other day while visiting my favorite taxidermy/antique/junk shop, i spotted none other than a beautiful antique Johann Faber silver mini pencil casing. It even still had a little nubby pencil left in it. So i bought it for a steal, then started thinking if i could still get pencils that shape n size.... hence the mission i've been on. Now see, for all o y'all who have credit cards or paypal, i'm sure this woulda been a hell of a lot less of a mission and more of a coffee break. I'm not one of those people. I like life harder than nessessary.... clearly. So after visiting a lot of stationary/art/hardware shops, i kinda came to the understanding i'd most likely have to get a knife out and risk maybe amputating a finger or two.

So, i go to one last shop, thinking "at least it's still got a little pencil left" when i hear the guy at the til go "oops". I turn around and find him grinning at me like a mopey monkey who's just sniffed his shit ridden finger and got caught. This guy has only gone and taken the pencil out, put it back and got it jammed all the way up the top of the silver casing. GRRRRRRRRRR

So half a day spent trying to get the pencil out the top of the case, and half a day filing a pencil back to about a centimetre longer than what was already there.... and i'm pretty much back to square 1. no... i'm probably in the minus' now coz even if i could get a pencil like the one that was in there, i'd have to saw it into a third seeing as the top of the casing is now.... eternally occupied.

anyways, i figured i may as well post photos of what i'm talking bout. It's gonna accompany me everywhere, i love it... and its tiny. too awesome, fancy mini stationary. who could want more?

seriously, is that not awesome? it's like a mini ninja sword pencil. i'm in love.

anyone else who is equally obsessed with all things stationary, heres a link to some more johann goodness. and here's an awesome little read about whats jammed up that silver tube too.....

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