Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is the coffee getting weaker or am i?

Wow, super tired today. Had a regular booked in to pretty much tie up his sleeve but we didn't get it all finished. He ended up tapping out with bout 40 mins to go, and i'm relieved coz my eyelids feel like they are being dragged down by a million clinically obese elephants wearing lots of heavy bling.

Anyways, figured that'll gimme just enough time to post the teeny tiny pocket rocket tattoo i did yesterday. This was so small, i woulda been much happier making it 3 times the size and bolding it all up a lot, but alas, this is how he wanted it so we compromised a fair bit.

ended up taking Milo to the vet on Tuesday, he's on pain pills for his limp, which seems to have improved a little. Bad news is we found out he has a heart murmur so i gotta save a lot of pennies to get him scanned and x ray'd to see the extent of the problem. It's literally been one problem after another recently.... and all this stress is definitely taking it's toll. Anyways, this shit can't go on forever now, can it? So til next time.... adieu

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