Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flying so low

OK. So this week, on my day off, i decided to get productive. Productive at stuff other than drinking cider and procrastinating. That's right, this time i drank beer and drew some stuff. I cant remember the last time i sat down and started a picture, and lined it, and got some clolour in one sitting NO BREAKS. i just havent had the time lately, and this time i MADE THE TIME!

so the scan came out really shitty. most the grey shades didnt even show up, so it looks a lot less finished here than in my little sketchbook. i think i'm gonna add a background, nothing fancy, a watercolour wash or 2, then get it re scanned in the proper print place down the road and hopefully it'll come out better!

but til then, here's Cpt. Priscilla...

Not only did i get her almost done all in one go, but i got something else started and half lined too! I think a lot of it was the fact i was sat on my roof in the sweltering heat so it was kinda like a race to the finish so i could go sit downstairs in the air conditioning, or maybe it was the fact that the only thing i had to colour her with were some Copic markers... and maybe the fact that the only colours i had in my pencil case at the time were lilac and grey, so i didnt have to sit around thinking about a million different colour theories worrying i'll always prefer my 2nd choice (ie. the one i didnt do) by the time i finish!

Surely over thinking is a form of over working, and over working is exhausting, so it seems that i have come to the conclusion that even when i am sat with a beer in one hand and my head in the other....... to the untrained eye I'm "doing nothing", but in reality i'm just working far too hard!

Anyways, talking of work, here's a small slice of todays "work pie".

The last few days have been pretty easy going. Fully booked, but easy going, coz it's all been stuff that isnt remotely taxing to draw, so i havent been staying late at work stressing about how to make "this and that" work, or how i'm gonna combine "A" with "B", or how to make something that doesnt even exist look realistic (dont ask, i've had a few teeth grinders in recently.)
The fact that stuff has been going so smoothly worries me though, coz it means it's the calm before the storm, and i know for a fact i have a few pieces coming up that i've shoved so far to the back of my consciousness , that when the time comes for me to draw them, i think my head might explode. Just a warning.......... stand back i say!

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