Friday, July 17, 2009

normal is as normal does....

so, hectic hectic week. since the whole Milo ordeal, i kinda slacked off with any design work, and it's been hard not letting work pile up and get on top of me. but, alas, i managed to keep up with everything that needed doing.

ok, just as i was writing that....we realised milo had a huge lump on one side where his stitches are, so now ross has rushed him back off to the vet. it's 4am, so i wont have any news til tomorrow.

i might as well finish what i was gonna blog, so here's one from earlier today

looks like she's just done what i wanna do to the dogs that attacked my little guy.

the vet said he thinks the swelling should be normal, but if we were worried, better safe than sorry, and obviously we r worried. i cant remember what it feels like not to be worried!

if i get any news, i'll post it.

thanks again to everyone who's helped out and come to visit the little guy.

hopefully a better blog tomorrow. a happier blog. til then

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