Saturday, July 18, 2009

pills for the pills for the pils

So, Milo came back in the early hours of the morning, he has a slight infection, apparently nothing that a few pills and regular hot/cold compress' cant fix. he's on 3 different antibiotics at the moment, as well as his pain meds. it's not easy getting a dog as small as him to eat so many pills i tell ya! it's a week to the day since all this shit happened and the vet was shocked to see that he's actually put ON weight! we've been having to feed him so much more, coz he'll keep leaving his pills/picking them out/getting them stuck to the cone round his head etc etc!

Anyways, i've been so lax with uploading pics of recent work, and to be honest i haven't got much to post at the mo, got some nice pieces coming up, but for now, here's this lil' guy.

Hopefully tomorrow i will have a new print to post, i actually finished it last week, but then i got caught up in all this hoo-ha and havent had a minute to get it sorted on the computer.

ok, bed time, it's half four in the morning, and even though we r in the middle of a typhoon signal 9, looks like i'll be going to work tomorrow!

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