Friday, July 24, 2009

you can read him like a book.

So yesterday i had to do this. not fun. not fun at all.

i pray to god i never ever ever ever have to do another one like this! not only ribs, which i hate working on, but all these itty bitty chinese symbols that i had to double check as i worked, coz i cant read chinese, plus the huge difficulty of not wiping off the stencil (which also was a huge pain in the ass to apply!) bah!

after this, we went out on the piss with this guy, and his friends (one who also got tattooed but all my pics came out blurry :( .)
we ended up in none other than AMAZONIA, or as i like to call it, the TEMPLE OF ROCK! or AMA-FUCKIN-ZONIA!!!!
anyways, i got the pleasure of seeing a guy play jimmy hendrix on the guitar with his feet!

of course, i didnt have my camera.

oh, and on the way to work today, i saw a dude wizzing round in an electric wheelchair, giving a chick a ride on the back. very strange, and of course, again, lack of equiptment which captures pictures at the touch of a button :(

just finished work today, bout to take a pic, then i'm off to Ned Kelly's! AWESOME!

hopefully i'll blog todays doings later on tonight, if i dont get too drunk........

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