Sunday, July 26, 2009

stupid gravity!

OK just finished for the day (extrememly early, as my last booking is stuck in singapore airport :( )
did this piece today, the guy added the date last minute (and yeah, he wanted it that small and written in that order..... i dunno.) it sucks when u get a nice piece, u get it sketched out ur getting super psyched bout it and then there's a "oh yeah, and can i have this and that ....blah blah'' and u think WHY?!

dont get me wrong, i dont mind dates on tattoos, but i do mind when someone obviously wants something added for a reason, then making it SMALLER, and smaller....and smaller! anyways, it was a fun piece to do, and it came out pretty sweet. he gave me free reign with the rest of the design, and the colours.

I've been using my brand spanking liner the past few days, it's not quite run in perfect, but it was getting there (WAS. past tense) coz i just dropped it on the floor. DOOOOOM! sucks! so tomorrow, i'll start all over, it sounds ok, but the contact and A bar had shifted a lot.... and i aint great at tuning machines at the best of times. my approach is normally if it aint broke....

but here it is! (aint she a beaut!) Ross built it for me (among many others) and i wanna get it running smooth by the time i go to Londumb!

Here's a few more machines Ross made for me. First one was my Christmas pressie last year. Seth Ciferri frame, and other fancy schmancy goodies on it. I love the coils (Thai antique notes). This is running like a champ, love it!

I figured it was far too classy, so we ordered in one of these lil' thumb screws! TOO CUTE! love it!

And here's the partner in crime! )also awesome coils, lurrrrvly!

for some reason this week has been going insanely slow. and i want it to go way faster, coz i got a sweet tattoo booked in on thurs! (sweet in more ways than one!)

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