Thursday, July 9, 2009

I know where i wanna go, but I just dont know, no I just dont know how to get there.....

OK so yesterday ( my day of rest) didnt turn out to be a day of rest at all! I decided we'd go to the beach. I didnt wanna go to just any old beach, i wanted to go to this one beach i heard about, pretty quiet, couple bars, a few restaurants, pretty chilled.
So, we got up early, got all the supplies, got a cab to where we thought we'd be dropped off pretty close......and then WE WALKED A VERY VERY LONG TIME!

we had no idea where we were going, we pretty much knew we didnt get dropped off where we asked, but i figured we'd just keep going. Ross wanted to turn back, but as we had no phone signal and we were on top of some mountain in the middle of nowhere, there was no going back! well, no where to go back to.

so we finally found a signpost, informing us that there would be no more rubbish bins ahead (which really confused me coz i'd been carrying some empty drink bottles forever and there no bins anywhere!)
ok so seeing as we were about to pass out from heat stroke, we sat down, ate what little food we'd brought, and came to realise we had nothing with any sugar in it, (i know alcohol dehydrates you, but i settled for a bottle of cider, coz i figured cider has fruit, and fruit has sugar... plus i just fancied a bevvie) so we kind of decided this was the day we were going to die. (what didnt help was the missing persons report poster stuck to the signpost).
so, we kept walking, and walking.......... we basically raped our feet coz we were both in flip flops.

after fighting off the creepy crawlies, and avoiding the man eating spiders,

finally, i saw this

i figured it looked like a beach to me, so we went in that direction.

about 20 mins later, we arived here(as beautiful as it looks, it was infested with frogs, and i have the biggest BIGGEST phobia of frogs ever imaginable so i pretty much ran, (ok i lied, i wasn't running, i was exhausted and my feet were fucked by this point) but i did my best to get outta there asap!)

bout 10 mins after my worst nightmare, and just as the sound of the frogs dies down, i reached my destination. it was most definately not where i was trying to go, but i didnt care, coz it was way way way better! I couldnt believe my luck!

There were still a few hours of sunlight to be had, and it turned out to be an awesome day off.

it was like a lame version of that film "the beach" only better coz the beach wasnt inhabited with loads of hippies! the place was pretty much desterted and we found out that for a VERY UNREASONABLE price (we had to literally count all our money, including coins to pay for it) we could get a speed boat back to semi civilization.

i took some pics of the speed boat too, but they are all outta focus. it was a pretty sweet ride though!
good times.

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