Monday, July 13, 2009

there must be a way of controlling worrying about things you cant control.

so i have had the worst week ever. i hate posting blogs like this, but i know a lot of regulars at the studio have grown to know and love him, so here goes....

long story short, my dog, my best friend, Milo was brutally attacked by 4 village dogs on saturday night.
he has undergone surgery, and i am relieved and happy to say that he is expected back home on wednesday. he's very battered and bruised, has about 12 punture wounds and currently has about 6 tubes draining the fluid from his body.

oh, and the AFCD decided that the best thing to do was to release a warning to the lady who looks after the dogs who made the attack. just a fucking warning. they didnt get taken away.

i miss him.

i really dont have much else to blog about, well, thats a lie, i could go on forever about this, and the neighbors who have made my life a living hell recently but i just wanted to post the news about Milo for anyone who was worried about him.

Here's a few pics from happier times.

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