Tuesday, October 13, 2009

are the noodles getting bigger, or my husband getting smaller?

I dropped my pants in a tattoo parlor in Amsterdam. I woke up in a waterbed with this funky-looking dragon with a blue tongue on my hip. I realized I made a mistake, so a few months later I got a cross to cover it. When my pants hang low, it looks like I'm wearing a dagger!

 Angelina Jolie

*what a dick*

So, remember a few days ago i said i had a couple nice pieces coming up, so less crappy blogging and more tattoo pics? well....i may have been mistaken. a quick flick through the appointment book set me straight. i dont even know what i thought i had booked in, but it aint. :(

to top that off, "Mr double booked" from a few days ago aint coming on the second date either!

Anyways, i'm still recovering from my cold thingy, feeling much better but today really wore me out. aside from a small piece 1st thing and a quick touch up last thing, i had my buddy Zane in, who i owed some work (for looking after my dogs while i was the other side of the pond....that's England to anyone confused).

(not the best pic, but meh!)

We worked out today it's been a good 2 years since we first started his arm/chest, and now that i'm leaving, we wanna get this done and dusted. Got a lot coloured in today, aside from the majority of the dragon (still little bits and bobs to go) we also got 2 peonies done round the other side of his arm too.

Tomorrow is my "day off" but i got 2 designs to do, and not the kind that come easy. one's a weird devil/angel backpiece thats "made up of shapes, not faces" ........no idea.
and i gotta do some polynesian tribal stuff, adding onto an old piece i didn't do. i'm probably gonna end up free handing it anyways, coz it aint symetrical (it was meant to be.... i think)... but anyways, he wants to see a design 1st.

i'm gonna start stopping all this "can i see the design before my appointment" malarchy. it stresses me out, and i end up drawing stuff that isnt even due, and forgetting about stuff i should be doing.

Anyways, enough moaning. Ross had to get up super early to go on the radio to talk bout his band (very exciting) i slept in, coz modern technology now means u don't have to listen to the radio live (genius!)

I'll be sure to post a link once they host it online.

They stumbled upon the world's largest pot of noodles, and Ross was kind enough to realise this is the kind of crap i like to blog about!

We recieved a package in the mail from Ross' parent with photos from our trip to the UK, and for some awesome , yet unbeknownst reason, loads of the pics look old and kinda 70's-fied.

this isn't the best example, but i'm not sure how his family would appreciate being on my blog!

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