Friday, October 23, 2009

This music that i make you, is for your ass to shake to.

So I'm at the shop waiting for ross to finish band practice before we head over to battle of the bands HK final. I WILL BE ON BEST BEHAVIOUR. i will not punch anyone. anyways, i'm bored, so i thought i'd share some "cheer you up" music. y'all might hate it, you might love it, you might not really care, but it's a fun way for me to waste half an hour, so ....there!

i wish i could find a half decent video for "bright lights', coz i fuckin love that song, but "Meh!"

of course, Screeching weasel, in fact's another

Lawrence arms, fucking love this band. if ya like this, check out the falcon too.

Next up, the Loved ones, again awesome band. 

Then we got the Saine Catherines...

Kid Dynamite....

And last but not least, my friends, The King Blues

(they have way more videos on youtube, but a lot are embedding disabled, so go check them out, especially "my boulder"....such a cute video!

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