Monday, October 19, 2009

What's in a week?

So it's been about a week since my last blog, and the worst thing is, i really don't have much to blog apologies, but i feel like i gotta write summin'!

Here's a token tattoo pic, (did a nice coi on thurs but it was right up on the collar bone and upper shoulder, so super hard to get a good pic), so here's a... butterfly.

So what else has happened since my last post....

Firstly, I got contacted by a guy putting a book together, looking for some artwork submissions, but i aint gonna go into that unless i get in the book.... so more on that later.....or not! Oh, and i almost had a guy book in to get the Flamingo-go dancer i painted tattooed, but i think he's only in HK a week or so, and i'm booked up (when people show up) for a good few weeks.

Secondly, a new cupcake shop has now opened on the street i get my bus home from work, which has inadvertently made me much more conscious of how late i normally close the shop, as it's only ever been open ONCE on my way back from work! I WILL CLOSE ON TIME MORE OFTEN!

Hmm, had a few no-shows this week, actually had a whole day where i did absolutely nothing at the shop, well, i caught up on some design work, but no all. i cant even remember the last time that happened. I've come to realize when i am not swamped with work, i go wander... and when i go wander.... i wander into shops, and when i wander into shops i spend money. This is getting out of control, far too much shopping recently and not enough working. 

 Oh, and this is weird, but there's a shop down the road from my shop....well i say "shop" but i mean "lady who takes up a stairwell during the daytime"....anyways.... she is now selling feather hairclips (well hers are on hairbands) just like the ones i made, so i bought some, coz i dont have the patience to go back to sham shui po for at least another month. I pretty much have one in every colour now.... except orange & yellow. i dont think i ever wear ...... crap, i just bought a yellow top today....thinking outloud....will stop.

Hmm, so as you can tell not much to blog about .... Oh, i almost forgot, i punched a guy in the face on friday night. That was the highlight of my week. (please don't think i go around punching people for fun, but this guy was such a grade A douche, and he deserved it.... and you know they deserve it when loads of people you don't really know buy you drinks after to thank you for punching him.....and that's all i will say). 

Luckily my hand is fine, which surprises me coz it's had 2 broken bones and sometimes i hurt it like.... sneezing or something lame. 

Tomorrow i got a big ol' piece getting finished, we'll see if i can get a good pic, if not y'all.... the future looks bleak. 

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