Sunday, October 4, 2009

I haven't got a stitch to wear!

OK, so came to work, ready for a day of busy busy mayhem, and alas, i had one guy reschedule and one guy not show up!
I was even here early coz i went out to lunch with my big bro. 
Anyways, i am not gonna moan, i'll take the high road this time.

So i got to work on another Morrissey piece to add to the collection, and here it is, done and dusted, lovely jubbly.

I bought the remastered greatest hits today check it out here! just kidding, check it out HERE!

I wish i'd brought some hair clip stuff to work coz i coulda gotten so much done, my 2nd sham shui po visit was awesome by the way, loads of absolute tat to stick stuff to! i remember before the shop opened me n ross went sham shui po'ing for stuff, coz i made a whole batch to sell in the shop, and if u thought they were cool, the new stuff i got tops it!

only a few lil' bit and bobs i couldnt find ( i bought a really nice red rose hairclip in London with a skull inside, well i bought 2 like that, different though... anyway, one fell apart, and i need a rose to stick the skull back into, but nope, denied!), but that's all good, and i got some white bone clips i got from my buddies store (check out their hairclips HERE!), so was looking for some bones (was gonna put crossed bones under the skull-rose combo)...., but nope, no bones....well only red ones! 

Also bought some fancy shmancy new cardigans today, one that's crazy neon pink (and covered in little knitted white bows), but i'll figure out something to wear with it..... hopefully! basically, The girl who's getting the Chairman Meow chest piece had a black one i fell in love with, but the shop i found mine in today didnt have any black ones left. (Ci-ci, if u r ever passing that market u got urs in, can u check for me? pleeeeeeeeease?!) and i got a black cardigan with skulls on it.... i've just noticed how schizophrenic my wardrobe is!

Finally, went and bought lots of new vinyl. well, 2nd hand vinyl but NEW and SHINY to me! 
(once again, quite a schizophrenic variety..... ) maybe my appointment really DID show up and the other me tattooed him...... Nah.

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