Saturday, October 3, 2009

Milo, Milo and some more Milo

So today was supposed, well it WAS a public holiday, but i had bookings, so i guess i'm not part of the "public".
So work, nothing much to blog about recently, basically i have been overloaded with big tribal pieces that quite frankly, i would like to erase from my memory. Don't get me wrong, if u want a nice big ol' tribal piece (as long as your not stepping on nobody's toes n whatever) fine, but oh my god, i cant describe how it makes me feel inside doing these! it's like every hour of filling in solid black is ten hours closer to death. i just....i start thinking/over thinking, and a few hours in, when i take a step back and i'm not even half done, this wave of dread encompasses me, and i cant seem to get outta that mindset til i'm finished. it' like staring into a black hole..... and i don't like it! 
so yeah, i'm not gonna blog those.... instead, i'm gonna blog a bunch of random pics of my dog i just found on my laptop! 
so enjoy, or don't, whatever!

i was gonna post cute comments under each pic but dinner is served, so think of stuff yourself!
til next time (which i hope will be better!)

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