Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's the icing on the cake!

so forgot to post tis lil' cover up i did on tues. Pretty hard, i wanted to go much bigger, but she didn't want it going any higher than it already did.... difficult. in fact, when i put the stencil on she was all "oh my god it's huge!" (it's not all!) anyways, here it is...

The 1st pic had no flash, and the 2nd does, hence the colour varyation, and the 1st pic she's standing and the 2nd pic she's laying flat, so it's a little distorted.

May need one more pass to pack some of that colour in when it's healed, we'll see. I kinda felt bad for the lil' Koala, lookin at me with those big ol' eyes all like "dont cover me!"

Anyways, felt like i should post something just to prove i'm still going to work everyday!

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