Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lights, camera, action!

This tattoo did not want it's photo taken, outta like 40 odd pics, this is the best i got. bah

So we had a film crew round the studio today, which meant we didn't get outta work til past midnight, hence why it's past 2 am and i'm blogging bout "today". They were funny, coz they had no real clue bout tattoos so i had to really help out, we set up a machine with a needle bar but no needle so it didn't look too lame (although it wasnt plugged in, it had a clip cord, but that just trailed outta shot.) anyways, took some pics coz i had nothing better to do, ross was at band practice so it was pretty boring...

I told him to lube up her butt so the tattoo looked fresh....and coz it was funny watching how awkward he was doing it! hehe

It's weird, the guy playing the tattoo artist is really good friends with a tattoo artist i know in London, actually, me n ross met at his birthday! small world!

Milo was super well behaved!

Ok, watching more Medium and i gotta cut Ross' hair before bed time (2morrow is the final of battle of the bands so he has to look for the split second before he jumps around and messes it up)

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