Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Royalty or Royal Asses?

So we've had some really really reeeeeaaaalllllly rude customers recently, mainly via e mail, some even threatening to bad mouth the studio! I've gotten to the point where i realize everyone can't always have the perfect experience when booking in (we have a waiting list, sometimes i can't fit people in, sometimes people reschedule, sometimes people don't show up, sometimes i have to move people for one reason or another), but is it me being stupid.... or does acting like a spoilt brat,or somehow thinking a deposit tides me by (or even makes my day) when customers don't show up reasonable now? Well, fuck that. They can say what they want, i'm over it.

I mean, i've been moved around when i've waited to get tattooed, and sure it bums me out, but at no point do i forget that the artist needs what they need (whatever the reason for me moving is), and i'm not gonna squabble about whether the tattoo that will stay with me for THE REST OF MY LIFE has to wait a month. I also realize that a deposit is to guarantee that i will show to my appointment, as time is money, so why can't these customers get their heads around the fact that if i move them, it sucks, but if they just don't show up....it sucks AND blows?!

(if any of you rude people are reading this, this is about like 4 differnt people....believe it or not, you are not my ONLY customer EVER!)

Finished a big ol' asian piece today....tiger dragon deal but need to get the pics sorted, maybe splice them together before i post it, so for now, ladies and gents....here's the teeny tiny writing i mentioned yesterday!

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