Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today was a complete waste of make-up.

Before i recall the fantastic events that when strung together make up what was "today", let me quickly post yesterdays doings. 

started a fun piece made up of toys, marbles, a spinning top, and a kendama. Gonna be full colour, but all we got done was lines n black til next time!

Then did this lil' forearm one shot, so all in all a pretty fun day!

So today on the other hand, not the best day ever. I've been coming down with what feels like the Mother of all colds, struggled my way outta bed, seriously contemplated calling in sick, but my customer was coming across from Macau, so he would already have been on the ferry, so i went to work to start a mammoth piece guessed it! TRIBAL.

Anyways, i had this weird feeling that he might not show, i even called the shop and said "if he doesn't show, call me back" (i was running late, from me moving in what felt like slow motion (even my eyes hurt today).

So i get to work in record time, ready for some crazy half sleeve/chest/back freehand tribal awesomeness.....i was very excited....... anyways, he didn't show. Turns out, somehow he was booking in for the whole of today, and half the day on the somewhere wires got crossed. I'm guessing 19th it is then!

So i hung around (very relieved i had an unexpected day off work but still angry that i even crawled outta bed), drew tomorrows....wait for it...... tribal piece and we all closed up early and went to Hebe One O One for dinner. (they do the best food i've had in what seems forever).

(my boys waiting for their food)....and i mean their food, milo had a good chunk of Ross' sandwich!

The only down side is i cant enjoy a nice glass of wine .... or a refreshing cider for a good few more days coz i'm on 2 sets of antibiotics right now too. Anyways, that didn't matter dinner was awesome, my dessert was even more awesome! 

So then into Sai Kung for a spot of late night grocery shopping ( i dont know why but late night  grocery shopping normally cheers me ques, or screaming families, or mad rushes), all the Halloween crap is out, and i wanted to buy half of it! Bought lots of comfort foods, and even though we almost died in the cab ride home (we musta skidded a good 20 feet and missed another car by less than a meter thanks to our mentally challenged driver ), all in all, the evening cheered me up.
It's now 3am, i'm having epic Ghost Whisperer night-morning (we've already watched the new office, lost and medium, so we r down the not so awesome stuff, but i have to admit, season 5 definitely managed to bring some "new life" (mind the pun) to the show)
here's hoping i feel less like death warmed up tomorrow!

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