Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm a little teapot....

So... today kinda sucked coz my 1st appointment rescheduled, then i call my 2nd appointment to check which arm he was getting tattooed, and he informs me that he's e mailed this morning to reschedule. BAH! i love how people seem to think i am somehow magically and wonderously attached to my e mail inbox at all times.... every day.... always.

OK anyways, so i bullied Ross into getting a new  tattoo (none other than a "guess what?" "teapot!" tattoo). We had about an hour and a half before he had to run to band practice, and normally something like this ( "this" will not and cannot be posted til later, coz the camera has gone to band practice too. :(  grrr!)would take me just the allocated amount of time. So, we placed the stencil on his freshly shaven....shawn...( i dunno) belly and i got to work.

 About 2 lines in, i remembered that it's a well known fact that skin that is attached, and encompasses the human stomach, isn't really skin at all. Actually, it's some sort of flayed flesh from the Devil's personal jesters buttocks, soaked in vinegar for 10,000 years, then placed onto human babies after the umbilical chord has been snipped...and i hate tattooing it!

Anyways, i got it all done in the nick of time, and i was gonna post it, but now, all i can post are some awesome teapots i found online til later, when me and my camera are happily reunited (i'll try and get an innocent bystander to film the special occasion in slow motion)..... til then, this is all i got!

in no particular order, here are some of my favorites....

love it, monkeys and tea, what a way to start the day!

too cute, love it
angry tea for the days u get outta bed on the wrong side, which for me is everyday

just because
this one i'm not so keen on, possibly one of the ugliest teapots i've seen

so awesome and ghastly at the same time, love it!

pretty or pretty ghastly? again, awesome

she looks pissed, like "drink my tea godammit!"

more monkeys, a little disturbing, but what can i say!

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