Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 kindsa custom

So, today was pretty eventful. Managed to squeeze Lakshmi from Bembol Rockers in for a tattoo due to an appointment re-scheduling, and that awesome super top secret object(s) i ordered off ebay arrived! 

So here's lakshi's arm....Super excited to do this, i love Ganesh and the only Ganesh piece i've ever done was teeny weeny, so got to fit a lot more detail into this one! (he insisted i signed it too....which was kinda weird! haha)

here's a detail coz the pic aint coming up larger...

And here's my *new prized possession*.... (customs must have had a field day with this one!)

Front half is hanging in the shop, so y'all are welcome to come visit him!

Back half is hanging in the studio, so i get to stare at his ass all day long!
i woulda taken a pic from the door frame so u can see front and back together, but we have a blind on the studio door that blocks the view.

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