Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eat, drink n be merry

So been a bit crap with blogging these past few days. Yesterday was pretty much hijacked by a hangover, and today (well....officially now it's Christmas coz it's 2:30am so i meant yesterday....) was spent cooking n cleaning. Ross had to nip into town (Hong Kong side)for some last minute shopping and i nipped into town (Sai Kung side) to get ingredients for cookies and other stuff i'm making for our boxing day BBQ. 
Today i made some gingerbread men/dogs (the dogs are for a friend who is obsessed with Dachshunds) I had to get the cutters when i saw them, coz i knew little doggie cookies would make him smile!

The gingerbread men started off looking respectful, then they acquired weird undergarments, and before me n Ross knew it, they'd grown..... appendages.

Tomorrow i got more baking to do, need to make some vegan cookies for the BBQ and i'm gonna try and make some vegan bread..... (i'm sure my vegan buddy will be content eating grilled veg.... but i thought it'd be nice if i could make him something....)but i'm not holding much hope in the bread department. I've never cooked vegan food before, and did lots of online research, found some nice looking recipies, but the grocery stores here are anything but vegan friendly, so now my dairy substitutes have been substituted for substitute dairy substitutes. hmmm.....

Anyways, didn't fancy a big fancy dinner tonight, and had ginger on the brain, so i whipped up a nice ginger, garlic and chilli chicken stir fry. tasty goodness.... 

Tomorrow we r going out for our Christmas dinner, seeing as my oven is the size of a small microwave with one shelf..... it didn't seem like a good idea to attempt a Christmas roast!

In other news, my awesome Hungarian guest artist from London (he hasn't updates his myspace for a while, but i'll get a portfolio in the shop for y'all to peruse through soon) has now confirmed he'll be here in february, so more on that soon! He's crashing at our place for a month..... i hope he likes dogs is all i can say!

It's weird having 4 days off all at once, i'm kinda shocked how quick they have flown by.... was hoping to get a new banner drawn up for the Singapore convention which is creeping up like a little pervert wearing slippers..... but i dunno if that's gonna happen now.

Anyways, dunno if i'll blog 2morrow, but i'll take some pics of the BBQ and probably give u a bread recipe that u might wanna make for people u really hate.... we'll see!

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