Saturday, December 5, 2009


I thought true romantics had died out a long long time ago, but today we had 2 really sweet guys in getting tattoos for their wife.... hmm that sounds wrong, like they are polygamists... 
they were getting tattoos for their wives...... that sounds wrong too...... hang on......
they got tattoos for their respective wives.  OK? 

i was meant to do both but was running behind, and still had to design tomorrows pieces, so rob did the name of a newly wed on one guy (y'all shoulda seen her face when she saw it. priceless.) like..... wedding vows aren't nearly as serious as a tattoo!... while i finished up the toy tattoo i started a while back. (which i found out today is for his wife, coz toys mean happiness, and he wants his wife to always to be happy).

lastly, here's some festive milo pics for y'all to enjoy!

yup, ross has a moustache. don't ask. it took me the better part of a whole tattoo to notice too. wish i nver had!

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