Saturday, December 5, 2009

you deal

Friday Tom from Macau (birthday ball playing Tom) came in to get a bunch of filler lined on his arm. I always find it amusing when someone comes in with a fair amount of coverage, and a couple hours and some lines later, they suddenly look really filled up... full? grammer?
anyways, we did 4 seperate pieces, and just got all the linework in... here's a few.....

this happy couple was squeezed in right at the top/back of his arm. her show is pretty much in that one spot it's impossible to reach with him sitting upright. i'm not gonna lay the bench down for a shoe, so i managed in the end!

hmm...what else? oh, we did this on his inner elbow section....

and when he bends his arm it looks like this....

and we also got this uber happy deck of cards done round his forearm. pls note* i didn't do the birds above, or the bullets below....*

i always stress when i'm doing linework right up to existing tattoos. i can't talk....barely breath coz i'm always so paranoid about following the linework straight over whats already there! stuff can get confusing sometimes! luckily, :touch wood: , it's never happened and never will!

(don't worry tom, i won't blog about how you tried to tattoo bullets round ur own wrist, and had to resort to getting a friend who's "learning" to tattoo fix them in his kitchen. i won't tell a soul!)

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