Friday, December 4, 2009

There's a dog walking through the park....he's calling out my name...

....Then the owner barks twice... i think i'm going insane.  -The Bruce Lee Band

So today on the bus Milo decided it was a good idea to lick my ipod, turning the volume onto full blast! There's only so loud anyone wants to listen to 3rd wave Korean ska.... if at all! 

I left my camera at he studio today, which sucks coz i got yesterdays tattoos and todays to post, but alas, it'll just have to wait.

In other news, i just ordered the coolest thing EVER from ebay. It's on it's way in it's itty bitty box already..... can't wait! (i apologise in advance to anyone my new purchase will offend) But it's so so so cute and awesome..... here's a riddle/clue.....  "what's front and back but worlds apart?" hmmmmmmmm???!!!

     ::::                 :::::           
::::     ::::              :::            
           :::              ::                    
         :::                ::                     
      ::                     :                     
      ::                     .   
      ::                     *                               *   

wow, that took way longer than it was worth!

still no clue?! here's another clue....(i'm making this way too easy for y'all)

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