Saturday, December 5, 2009

"just a little flower"

yeah right.

So, we don't take bookings over the phone, coz we take a deposit for each booking, but tues night i got a phone call from what seemed to be a really cute, slightly crazy girl, asking to book in asap. i was booked up tues, but has a little time at the end of the day thurs, and all she wanted was "a little flower." so i was just like "i'll pencil ya in at 9pm" figuring if she came, it wouldn't take long, and if she didn't come, who cares?!
She came. 
She was PREG-a-NENT!
Turns out she wasn't the one getting tattooed. Her gentleman (who spoke no english) friend wanted a flower above a..... very dark tattoo that kinda resembled water (i've cropped it out.) it was a cover up. Oooh, speaking of which, i'm gonna start a new tatt-ermonolgy. From now on.... on the rare occasion i mistake a cover-up for just a really horrible dark mess with no excuse, it's gonna be labelled an "I can't believe it's not a cover up". smooth like butter. innit.
OK, diversion finalized. So the "teeny tiny flower turned into a chrysanthemum (he wanted laurel leaves too) i love it when we can't understand each other and revert back to acting like monkeys, pointing any which way trying to get our point across! anyways,  i didn't get away til past midnight, but it was fun, so i aint complaining. 

So here's Thurs' doings....

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