Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Honey I'm homely!"

So today was a well needed day off. My back feels like it's getting to that point, and it needed some rest. Last night we stayed up til 8:30am this morning watching tv, and we slept in til 4pm today.... so the day of rest started well!

We went into town, Ross headed to Mong Kok, and I stopped by the 2nd hand bookstore. I'm not sure why i keep going back, they never have ANY good art books, to be honest their art section is absolutely dire. I'll elaborate..... for example..... skim reading the spines, i see "leonardo" . Now, it doesn't take a genius to realise it's an art section, this book is most likely about Leonardo Da Vinci. It's not. It's Leonardo Di-fuckin-Caprio. Honestly.... art section...... retarded. (i wouldn't have bought the book on Da Vinci anyways, i already have the hugest gigantic library of Da Vinci anyone needs.

Anyways, i spotted these 2 identical books. selling for pittance... and the saddest thing is, they are both inscribed to the artists daughter. It kinda broke my heart a little..... like, i dunno.... just made me a little sad.

" for Rose, for loving & respecting her Mother"

"For Rose-( a wonderful daughter!) Best wishes..."

Obviously i know nothing about the artist or her daughter, or their relationship..... but i always figured if u had something personal like these..... and u wanted to get rid of them, you would just throw them away. Not put them in the shittiest store ever for less money than a beer!

Speaking of gifts from Mothers, my Mum's a pretty awesome gift giver. Last thing i got in the mail was a pink monkey key-chain. What girl could ask for more?! 

After not buying any books (it's so rare i ever step foot into a bookstore (especially 2nd hand) and do not buy a thing. ) I went to get groceries.... went home, and decided to bake some cookies... (by the way, these aforementioned cookies just got knocked onto the floor by Milo a few sentences back... )

The pink mixer was also a gift from my Mum, it was part of a 3 piece set, but i think this is the only part that made the move across the world with us....

Milo was (was being the operative word) being really cure in the kitchen

heart shaped chocolate chip cookies. Not easy making heart shaped cookies, when they aren't the kinda cookies u cut. I think i did pretty well. Shame nobody got to eat them... :( (well, that's a lie, my neighbor was doing her laundry on the roof while i was cooking, so i gave her one)
All i'm left with is the 1st batch which are pretty burnt (note to anyone making cookies .... place your best batch at the bottom of the stack, so when your dog knocks the Tupperware onto the floor, the worst ones get ruined....)

these spoons almost cheered me up from the cookie vs. floor match...

Anyway, i can always make more..... but for now, i'm just waiting for Ross to get home with a pizza so we can veg out and watch a film. 

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