Monday, December 14, 2009

Blisters and birds

So today i tattooed an artist and an actor. ooh, aint i fancy?! 
Did this lil' piece today which was pretty fun. If i had a choice i would filled it with a little more solid  colour, but it's a painting the client brought in so i kept schtum! I think when it heals and softens up it'll look really nice. Surprisingly hard to get a photo of though, so i had to opt for no flash... so it all looks a lil' duller.

The blisters on my hands are giving me lots of jip. They have kinda imploded, and on my right hand, i can see layer beyond layer of shades of green. (no it's not infected, it's over a green tattoo...)

Ross is playing a gig at the Wanch tonight, but i think i'm gonna head off to Ned Kelly's to catch the end of Bembol's set....after i do the accounts.....bah.... :(

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