Thursday, December 10, 2009

sham shui shoppin'

So, went back to the good ol' Sham Shui Po district yesterday on my glorious much needed day off. Honestly, who could ask for more than a whole district selling wholesale everything?! Love it. Weather was miserable, which made it even better, coz as soon as it starts drizzling here in Hong Kong, the general public act like it's one of the 7 plagues, and do 1 of 2 things.....
  • stay indoors
  • try and poke taller people's eyeballs out with umbrellas
i prefer the 1st option.... and that was the case yesterday. I spent so much time buying crap for friends in London, that i didn't even get half of what i went there for (got a hairclip quota to meet for Miss Cheyne). 

Here's some Christmas crap i'll be sending across the vast pond that is the Atlantic....(none of my friends in the UK read this... as far as i can tell, so there's no spoiling anyones Christmas!)

Here's the rough overview....i got all sorts! Rat Fink wacky wobblers, Lollipop mirrors, cookie compact mirrors, stationary (i love stationary so so so much), pens, flannels that look like cake..... all awesome shit i tell ya!

here's some close up's for y'all coz i'm guessing blogger wont let the pic come up larger....

these mirrors sure need a clean.....

these are little animal shaped notepads. For some reason the monkey and the cat can spell just fine, but the panda.... not so gud!

Oh, and ....i'm a horrible person, i know, but i couldn't not get this!

I'm sorry Milo, but you wear it well....

Anyways, not much else to blog about.... other than i am getting more and more restless about moving back to London, and just wanna get shit sorted. There's so much to get done, but until we have a 100% confirmed buyer for the studio, i don't wanna start getting rid of stuff/packing etc etc....ya know?!
We've had a bunch of interest from all sorts of people, but nobody has 100% confirmed, and until that contract is signed, i just feel stuck in a state somewhere between nonchalance and absolute fury. It kinda sucks!

Anyways, today i spend 4 and a half hours tattooing a pixie. It was a fucking big pixie.... the motherload!

@morrow i'm finishing (i hope) the C'O'D there won't be no decent tattoo pics for a while i fear.... oh....i'm tattooing ross on sat, so til then!

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