Saturday, December 12, 2009

downward spiral

So, long story short, Bembol Rockers are back in town, so i'm kinda compelled to go out drinking every night coz they are playing many many gigs. Yesterday was kinda non-eventful. I did 4 hrs work on the c'o'd phoenix, didn't get it finished, he was bleeding like his life didn't depend on it, probably coulda filled a paddling pool, but other than that, i went for a pre-X'mas family lunch, my brothers coi tattoo healed up super sweet. The harbor looked incredible, and it was hot. Like, "who needs a sweater" hot!

So last night we went to go see The Bembol Guys play at Rock School

, then we went to Amazonia, then at 4am when i got home i decided to bake cookies. Cookies (peanut butter n choc chip) came out awesome, but i burnt both hands on the oven. I have a cute matching pair of blisters now, and wearing gloves at work kinda sucks..... a lot.

We have 2 new village puppies who are super friendly... i think they tried to rape me a little....
(they both need homes, so GIVE THEM A HOME PEOPLE!)

Anyways, today was busy busy, started off with.... a line... (not that kinda line, you deviant bastards)

Then i had 2 hrs put aside before my next booking for Ross, we got this done, it ain't finished (obviously, but got a fair amount done... (this is the other side of his chest to his "sweet as a nut" squirrel)

Then off to see the Bembol guys again. Looks like i'll be tattooing Lakshmi (double bassist) tomorrow coz i had an app move to Jan, i also gotta try and find some time to squeeze in another piece for Mark, who got tattoos last time round too....

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