Sunday, June 13, 2010

all work and no play makes fish climb trees

so looks like tomorrow we're just gonna close up shop and go to Ocean Park. we've been wanting to go for weeks now, and i'm kinda getting the feeling that wednesday is "allocated rain day".... so we're revolting (like....having a revolt.... not revolting as in minging......) i gotta tell ya, i'm gonna miss being able to take a day off work just because i wanna go on rollercoasters.

anyways, i do work, and here's some stuff i been getting up to recently.....

we did a few more hours on terrence's arm, it's coming together nicely and we should be good to finish it all up with 1 more session.

also, here's a chocolate chip cookie key.... no i ain't Einstein but i kinda get the feeling this is not the most practical substance to make keys out of. think about it, crammed in with all that lose change.... imagine if you got the rain.... or god forbid.... you tried to use it! god, the impracticalities are endless...

lastly.... we've been on the look out for warmer clothes for Milo, seeing as he's gonna be braving the English winter soon..... he's not keen on clothes AT ALL... but this jacket, he didn't seem to mind. it does mean he looks like a chav.... but what can ya do?!

Oh yeah, Ross.... i think if these fish had arms they woulda mentioned it?! like, maybe "when barberfish are introduced to the aquarium they may refuse to eat or just plain walk out?!"

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