Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it'll be worth the wait....

So, the pagoda piece that was up for grabs has been grabbed. Won't get to tattoo it for a wee while as said grabber lives in England, but i'm still super stoked about doing it, and on a really nice customer too, so 10 points all round.

In other news, keep an eye out for August's edition of Brouhaha magazine, as it's gonna have interviews with three female Hong Kong tattooers among other goodness, here's a link to said publication ("said" is todays word of the day by the way)

Also, i have some super sweet pieces lined up over the weekend, so hopefully lots of nice tattoo photos for y'all, and until then, to keep yourselves busy, i suggest heading down to the Wanch on Thurs for their all day HANDOVER PARTY! should be a good'un

here's the description of the days said events, taken from their very own Myspazz invite:

"To celebrate the hand over The Wanch is host to an all day festival featuring music performed by The Rock & Roll Swindlers, Bee & Bertha, Shawn Martin, Ben McCarthy, Heroses, Logo, Of Moths & Stars, Milkteeth, 9th State, Fate, Bank Job, The Sleeves, Diving For Air, Hazden, Live Fast Die, & Sweet Revenge. Show starts at 2pm. "

woop woop

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