Tuesday, June 8, 2010

just coz it's free don't mean ya can't share the wealth!

So today is my day off, and we were meant to go to Ocean Park (again....) but the weather forecast was shitty and when we woke up it was raining. Typical, it aint raining now and it looks like it aint gonna anytime soon. Ocean Park is way out on the other side of Hong Kong though, and an awful long way to travel if you cant get on any rollercoasters....... i pray it's raining over there or i'll just be pissed.

So last night i started a painting for the front page of my new website, didn't bring my sketchbook home coz well, i didn't expect to be indoors today..... so no photos to post, but i do have a bunch of stuff i found which is all copyright free..... awesome reference material etc etc so though i'd share..... obviously there's a lot of copyright free websites out there that most people know about, so i'm hoping these are a little more obscure...

found on HERE!

i also found a whole copyright free primate gallery! not too shabby at all!

found this photo of the 1st ever female jury here....

also loving the internet archive.... which had this old photo from night of the living dead....

finally, loving wikimedia especially the vignettes by Loutherbourg for the Maklin Bible..... so much awesome stuff there.

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