Wednesday, June 23, 2010

monkey update

for all o' y'all who have been worried about the monkey post from a few days back, i have a quick update.

i've been contacted by MANY animal organisations these past few days, and it looks like the ball has really started rolling in relation to these injured monkeys. it sounds like there are a lot of people interested in going down there and monitoring them, seems like they manage to avoid infection surprisingly well due to the grooming they do on each other, and hopefully this can get resolved. i still have no news on what the injuries are from, so if anyone knows, i'm still very very curious....

below are some links to animal organisations/rescue/charities here in HK for anyone who may need them:







Animals Asia

HK animal rescue

HK alleycats


if i have missed any or you wanna add some, leave the link as a comment and i will edit them into this post.

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